Workbench weekly - November/2

I got back to my paints and brushes.
In preparation for the first game of second edition Wild West Exodus whole Jesse James posse received a splash of paint.
"Historical" photo of Jesse James posse

Apache kid

Frank James


Bandit Cutthroat Hands

Bandit Cutthroat Hands

Man himself - Jesse James

It was a quick paint job so they would be ready for game, but they look decent.
I did not manage to finish all of Watchers for the game, but umber scarab received some paint. Scarab was painted same as the rest of Watchers - form gloss black base with gray zenithal highlights I added more brown highlights on limbs than on body. Few greenish washes were added to front "armor" plate and head, and whole miniature was painted with mid brown wash with gloss medium.

Scenery needed for game, son and I assembled year or two ago. Now we painted them all. Most of them are from first WWX  kickstarter. My son put the acrylic base for wood, with little brown tint in it, first then brown lint with little water. Then houses come to my hands and I added few shades of brown with airbrush.

We had buildings and few props but no greenery. In the morning of the day of the game, I made a decision to add some cacti. I found models on Thingivers and put my 3D printer to work. While we were preparing everything for the game the cacti were printed and with quick lick of paint, they were on the table. That's the power of 3D printer :)

I started to paint forge I printed a week ago. Internet says that prints could be painted without base coat. I used common craft acrylic.

There are few more miniatures from Essen on assembly line, and some Warmarchine Cygnar models start to get paint on them.