Workbench weekly - November/1

Last few months I devoted my hobby time mostly to painting, so time has come to assemble some minies.
But first, only minie I manage to paint before Essen, Mimic boss for Wild West Exodus.

The base color was black with gray zenithal highlight (like other Watchers), but for Mimics I opted for purple highlights, with some interference purple on some highlights. I painted this mini for "mini a week" challenge on WWX facebook page.
After return from Essen I made a decision not to put all minies I bought on pile of other unassembled minie boxes, but to assemble them all.
I started with Warzone resurrection miniatures for Mishima, Cybertronic and Bauhaus factions.
Mishima dragon bikes are on the flanks, with Cybertronic Nova flighter and Bauhaus Strike Skimmer in the middle. Nova is new unit for this edition of Warzone, the other two existed (in different form) in previous editions. I like that vehicles in this edition are of small footprint, it more suits company size game in may opinion.
I can not take full credit for assembling this unit of Mishima Shadow walkers, because they are new Prodos Unicast one piece models (all with scenic bases). Stunning.
Last bat not least, Bauhaus Blitzers. This is my second unit of Blitzers, and because I don't like clones on battlefield, I swap some hands to differ them from the first unit.

On 3D printed front, I printed all parts of my Martina lorry (as seen on Diary of the noob)...

... as well as small container and barrels of my own design, too.

The container had a small mistake in design (door frame was detached from the rest of the model), so I corrected that and enlarged it 10% - it will be a little larger but still fit on the flat bed of the monorail.
Then I printed some ruined walls from Time warp kickstarter. I thought that they are in 20mm so I enlarged then 143%. But they are in 28mm true scale, so thease must be remains of one imposing mansion.

In front of mansion are Frostgrave cultists that my son assembled keeping me company while I assembled Warzone miniatures.
 In Essen we bought rules for Frostgrave: Ghost archipelago, so I find some 3D models I could print for this settings. I plan to do terrain for whole table - lot of small islands made of bluefoam, palm trees and other tropical greenery...
For the start, I printed long boat from Eslo terrain kickstarter

We will need three more of similar size, because some scenarios for Ghost Archipelago are using them.

 Rest of miniatures from Essen are still waiting for assembly, and I have to paint all of my Watchers and some of my sons Outlaws, so we can try second edition of Wild West Exodus.