Road to - Essen Spiel 2017 - part two

This post will be more of a photo dump, with some comments between.
Lets start: Demo tables with Star Wars Legions drew much attention. Miniatures look good and it seems that FFG will have another hit.

On the other hand, demo table for Rune Wars was mostly empty

Demo tables for Eden are always nice, as well as painted miniatures in their display cases. 

Second two armies for Drakerys, Elves and Dwarfs are finally available
U-boot soon on kickstarter

The Crowd
GW demo tables were occupied but there were no big crowds in boots.

Necromunda, but not the one we know

Necromunda, the board game. Word is that first expansion with the campaign will be published simultaneously with board game

As usually - dice by scoop
Fallout by Modiphius is on preorder. There were two separate areas in halls 2 & 6 with demo tables for this game.

Human interface - be a better human is due to delivery around March next year. We saw preproduction miniatures, as well as new game in preparation by Postindustrial games - Better worlds, 4X game on kickstarter in spring.
Nacamura tower
Be a better human
Better worlds
This year we saw more terrain manufacturers than previous.From laser cutted (Bandu, Micro art, Zen...), "classic" like Zitardes to Thunder Chrome with 3D printable terrain.
Micro art Infinity terrain

Micro art terrain for Wolfsang

Terrain for Dropzone commander

Thunder chrome

3D printing "in vivo"at Spiel 

Demo tables for Wild West Exodus

Live painting for WWX
Nemesis, soon on kickstarter 

Drop fleet commander

Fallen Frontiers - such a shame this game is not available in wider distribution

Scale 75

Smog riders by Scale 75
Freebooters faith 

Kickstarter for Planet of the Apes is planed for begging of next year. Resin masters for ape miniatures could be seen in Essen. Interesting twist of this game is that Apes are good guys and humans are bedies. Boardgame will include plastic trees, so apes could climb and walk among treetops, and humans are bonded to the ground.

Planet of the Apes
Jagged alliance currently on kickstarter

Stuffed Fables

Mice and Mystics 


And thats all folks from this years Essen Spiel.