Workbench weekly – October/2

If you are following my blog, you probably noticed that lately I’m preoccupied with 3d printing.. None the less I squeezed some painting time.
Firstly, I finished my sons Frostgrave warband.
My sons Frostgrave warband
Some of this miniatures were painted long ago, some even 10 years ago, and are produced by various manufacturers.
His wizard Allsen of Fereomund is an old Confrontation mini for Akilani faction. My son wanted for him to be kind of “fiery” so we have red color scheme wit some contrast from light green.

Apprentice Nothar is Confrontation miniature too, this time from Alahan faction. I painted browns on that miniature long ago, so this time I just added wash of Valleyo air blue, some off white highlights and purple shades, and glaze of base air blue color to unite everything. It was very fast paint job, but I like hove it turned out.

Eclipse, the snow leopard is a miniature from Helldorado game. I went for various offwhites, with just final highlight in pure white. It summoned creature so it has glowing green eyes.

Two infantrymen are from Zelot Nemesis range. One of the was partly painted so I used the same scheme on other one.

Tracker is Malifaux minie from Arcanist faction, long ago assembled and based, even had some blue wash on it. I tidy down blue wash, added some highlights and glaze as with apprentice and painted details.
For some reason i didn't take a picture of this minie from the front
Last three miniatures are all form Racham Confrontation range (Akilani and Alahan). All were painted 10 years ago, so I just repaired chipped parts (they survived two moves of my family), and added/adopted bases for Frostgrave.

My son and I played a game of Frostgrave,and we needed a genie for the scenario "Genie from the bottle". I painted one Helldorado genie for this purpose. Many commented that this miniature is not a genie but Efreeti, but in scenario that we played it turns out that genie is a demon in fact – hence this color scheme.

I followed wild west exodus page on facebook. Gus there organized “Minie a week”challenge. I joined in with my watchers. My minie for first week is Viridian Alfa.
I went for slightly wet look, with reasoning that creature whose skin is manly exposed, would have some kind of protective mechanism for skin, some kind of slimly cover. All my watchers are based in gloss black and then zenithaly highlighted with gray. For Viridians I chose green skin, so highlight of light green, some shading of purple and glaze of dark green with gloss medium took me where I wanted to be.

Now, lets go back to main topic J.
For 3D printing I finished Martian lorry, and made all adjustments to ready him for printing.
I tried my printer by printing D6 cube, which came out reasonably well.

 After that, I printed one wheel for mars vehicle. Final print was nice, but showed me that wheels are to small.
This wheel is one centimeter in diameter 

Bottom side is always rough because of printing bed. If you want glass like bottom side you have to print on glass (pun intended)

 I made an ajustment on the model enlarging aheels by 10% and widening and elongating fenders to accept new wheels. First time I printed wheel horizontaly so for second
print I opted for vertical variant. It come OK, but I will print rest of them horizontaly.
Now I’m printing one house for my day job, and after that I will be back to Martian lorry.

Next week is Spiele in Essen, so my son and I are packing our bags. :)