Workbench weekly – October/1

With vacation behind me I’m back on track with painting. The quality of the pictures in this post will not be on usual level, because my trusted Minolta camera died, so I’m on back-up Nikon.
I painted few miniatures from Deadzone range. Most of my son’s Enforcers are painted, but he wanted to add few more. They were painted in kind of “Tron” scheme, so I kept that. The scheme is achieved by base coating in black, then wash of light gray (Valleyo gray wash), and the wash of various orange colors included fluorescent ones. I’m not completely satisfied, but it is an interesting scheme.
Guy in top right was painted before, so his "Tron"scheme is little bit different 
On the other hand, my Rebels were mostly unpainted, so I had to paint them all. Most of them are standard “brown coats”. I like the diversity of Rebel miniatures, but that diversity is probably the reason they don’t exist yet in Firefight/Warpath games.

Few more things are base coated with airbrush, some more Rebels, Bauhaus for Warzone, Watchers for WWX and few miniatures for Escape – board game in Eden universe.
Bauhaus for Warzone, primed and pre-shaded 
Watchers pre shaded and dry brushed - because they was base-coated with glossy black I had to dry brush them so I could see any details 

Few rebels and mercs for Deadzone, and lots of Escape/Edan miniatures
 I start working on my son’s warband for Frostgrave, because we plan to get back to that game.

It's mishmash of miniatures from various manifactures, some of them painted or partaly painted ages ago.
On the digital front, I bought Wanhao duplicator i3 from UK, and it should arrive in next few days. While waiting for it to arrive, I have done few more models.

Truck for Martian miners
It’s not workbench news totally, but it will affect my hobby in next few weeks: my son and I will attend the Spiel in Essen. The hotel is booked, and airplane tickets are purchased. We are eagerly awaiting 25th of October.