Frontline News – Frostgrave – Genie in the bottle

City of Felstad, year 1302na
This is the third time that Allsen of Fereomund and Sywix the Great  warbands venture in to the frozen city.

Warband of Great Elementalist Allsen of Fereomund

Warband of Ilusionist Sywix the Great

Diary of Nothar, assistant of great elementalist Allsen of Fereomund

Monday 12th august 1302na.Yet another day in the ruins. This should have been just a simple scavenge in the noble district, but the stars weren't aligned correctly. Yesterday in the tavern we paid an old man who claimed to know the location of mausoleum of Baduk the rich Merchant, which is rumored to be filled with gold. We weren't sure if he was lying but we decided that it was worth investigating. The journey was peaceful and without surprises. When we were near the mausoleum we decided to split up and my mentor went with tracker, knight and apothecary to a nearby tower to scout the surroundings and engage anyone who could be a threat. I went to the mausoleum with two infantrymen, treasure hunter and Eclipsemy mentor’s loyal snow leopard.
While we were walking to the mausoleum it was quiet and as we were approaching it I felt the presence of magic. There could have been some magic items in the mausoleum so I didn't worry too much. When we entered the mausoleum we were pleasantly surprised as there was a lot of gold in there. We started examining the treasure and one item attracted my attention. It was an old golden lamp, but I felt magic in it. I took it and started examining it. I noticed that there was something inscribed in the side of the lamp, but the lamp was dusty and I rubbed it so I can read the inscription. But then it all went wrong. First I heard the noise of a fight and I assumed that my mentor run into trouble. Eclipse and the treasure hunter run out to help him, but then the lamp leaped out of my hands and a fearsome genie came out of it. It looked like a demon surrounded by flames and wielding two gigantic swords.
Genie appeared 
Warband of the Sywix used the appearance of Genie in opponents vicinity to pick up  as many treasures as they can carry. 

I was carrying most of the treasure so two infantrymen and Eclipse attacked the genie to protect me. One infantryman and Eclipse retreated with me while the other infantrymen was distracting the genie and luring it outside the mausoleum so my mentor can shoot the genie with a powerful elemental bolt. 
Nothar retreats with the treasure while the brave infantryman was battling the genie

As I retreated I saw that my mentor’s group was fighting another warband, which also started retreating. The infantryman was fighting the genie bravely and he didn't give up even after it once hit him with its enormous sword. When they left the mausoleum my mentor struck the genie with a powerful thunder bolt which badly wounded it. Angered, the genie finished off the infantryman with a powerful blow and then tried to shoot my mentor with a fire arrow, but missed.

 My mentor tried to shoot the genie a few more times and failed to cause any more harm to it. It seemed that the genie had enough of this and it turned to retreat. The knight managed to carry the unconscious infantryman to safety. The brave infantryman must have been born under a lucky star as he was badly wounded but he survived. In the end we got a lot of treasure from the mausoleum and a little bit from the tower. This was our third big battle and it brought us the most gold.

May the stars favor us.

The genie appeared when my son tried to pickup his first treasure. That tied bulk of his forces and let me pick five treasures uncontested (telekinesis was of great help here😊). On the other flank his wizard and his retinue killed my war hound and treasure hunter and picked up the last treasure. His wizard was badly hurt by one shot of my archer, but after treatment from apothecary he retreated and live to fight another day.

Warband of Great Elementalist Allsen of Fereomund
Picked up two treasures:
Genie bottle 
Injury and death:
Infantryman was badly wounded 
Experience earned: 290, Allsen gaind 3 levels, improved fight, and casting on elemental bolt and heal
Treasury: 320, bought sarcophagus of healing for 200gc and exchanged wounded infantryman for 50gc

 Warband of Ilusionist Sywix the Great
Picked up five treasures:
50gc, two skrolls (Shield & Bind demon)
20gc, magic weapon (magic two handed sword +1)
20gc, magic item (Drinking horn of healing)
60gc, grimoire  (Petrify)
60gc, grimoiire (Elemental hammer)
Injury and death:
Treasure hunter was badly wounded 
Hound and archer quickly recovered.
Experience earned: 320, Allsen gaind 3 levels, improved health, and learned Petrify and Elemental hammer from grimoire.
Treasury: 351, recrute templar for 100gc and exchanged wounded Treasura hunter for for 80gc
Final treasury: 171gc
Some additional photos from the game and miniatures