Workbench weekly – August/1

I was very satisfied with ruined factory we made from Mantic elements (featured in last workbench review), so I dig up all terrain we made in past few years from Mantic elements. Most of them were based (spray painted) in some kind of beige color, so I took my trusted airbrush and done some weathering and detailing. The result follows.

I finally finished all three of my desert oasis terrain elements, two in 10mm and one in 28mm.

After all of this terrain painting I switched to miniatures. I keep on working on my Mishima miniatures.
From the painting table 

This time around, on the table were Tiger Dragons, Shiro-X and one Demon hunter. Yes I know, they are missing few blades that I loose during my last move, but I ordered replacements so that would be rectified. The largest two minis for Mishima are yet to be painted: Tatsu Gigamek and Meka.

With bright background, brighter tones on model are better...

..while with dark background darker tones are better. I will probably have to find some gray background for best effect on all  colors

Then I switched from analog to digital mode of table top wargaming. For some time I keep my eye on what is happening in the world of 3D printing. Finally I decide to wet my feet in that pool. There are lots of reviews about new filament printer Creality CR10. With promotion it could be bought for under the 400$. So I decided to buy one. While I’m waiting for its arrival, I start to design some terrain that I could print. The idea is to design a mining colony on Mars, for example. The style would be in line with Warzone resurrection, but terrain could be used in any sci-fi system.
My first design is for HQ / infirmary / canteen for Capitol faction. I will add some details to differentiate HQ from infirmary etc. I still have to add some texture and details on this model.

Second model is for mine. This are the work in progress pictures, but eventually it will include mono rail with train.