Frontline News – Warhammer 40K 8th edition Aeldari vs Ultramarines

Konor, Konor system. After our arrival on Konor, we were ambushed by Marneus Calgar and two of his battalions. Mon-keigh knows no honor. After everything we did for their race. Chaos was involved in this, because I did not sense this ambush.
Spiritseer Arroranel
Points: 2000
Campaign: Fate of Konor
Mission: 2 –  Konor: Seek and destroy link
Attacker: Aeldari Spearhead detachment
Spiritseer (66)
Shuriken pistol; Witch staff;
Shadowseer (134)
Hallucinogen grenade launcher; Miststave; Shuriken pistol;
5x Wraithblades
§ 5x Wraithblade ; Ghostaxe; Forceshield;
5x Wraithguard
§ 5x Wraithguard ; DScythe;
Fast attack
5x Shining
Spears (218)
§ 1x Shining Spear Exarch ; Twin shuriken caatapult; Star lance;
§ 4x Shining Spear ; Twin shuriken catapult; Laser lance;
Heavy support
Fire Prism (195)
Prism cannon; Shuriken cannon; Crystal targeting matrix; Spirit stones; Vectored engines;
Night Spinner (192)
Doomweaver; Shuriken cannon; Crystal targeting matrix; Spirit stones; Vectored engines;
4x Dark
Reapers (144)
§ 1x Dark Reaper Exarch ; Reaper launcher;
§ 3x Dark Reaper ; Reaper launcher;
Wave Serpent (184)
Twin bright lance; Shuriken cannon; Crystal targeting matrix; Spirit stones ; Vectored engines;
Wave Serpent (184)
Twin bright lance; Shuriken cannon; Crystal targeting matrix; Spirit stones; Vectored engines;
Voidraven (194)
Void lance(x2); Voidraven missiles;
Defender: Ultramarines (sized initiative)
++ Battalion Detachment ++

HQ1: Chief Librarian Tigurius
HQ2: Techmarine (Servo-arm, Power Axe)

TR1: 10 Scouts ( 10x Boltguns)
TR2: 10 Scouts (10x CCW & Bolt Pistol)
TR3: 5 Tactical Marines (Plasmagun)

FA1: Land Speeder (2x Heavy Flamer)
FA2: Land Speeder (2x Heavy Flamer)

HS1: Whirlwind (Castellan Launcher)
HS2: Whirlwind (Castellan Launcher)

++ Vanguard Detachment ++

HQ3: Marneus Calgar - Warlord

EL1: 5 Terminators (Heavy Flamer)
EL2: 5 Terminators (Assault Cannon)
EL3: 5 Assault Terminators (3x Thunder Hammer / Storm Shield, 2x Lightning Claws)
EL4: 5 Assault Terminators (3x Thunder Hammer / Storm Shield, 2x Lightning Claws)

Ultramarines deployment

Aeldari deployment

We were ambushed. From cockpit of my fire prism I saw bright lights, and unit upon unit of terminators and scouts appeared in front of us. Shining spears who run vanguard where completely destroyed by fire and charge of opponents army. Even dark reapers in ruined building bite it, and was all killed.
Ultramarines army after first round movement 
End of Ultramarines turn one

 Wraithguard run out of their Serpent with Shadowseer in support and tried to buy us a time to reorganize. Evan magnificent wraith contracts were cut down all but one by terminators. But their sacrifice gave as time to reorganize our lines and return fire. Terminators were the focus of our attack and we thinned their lines, but did not have destroyed a single unit. In the middle wratihblades run out of their transport, shoot and charge one unit of scouts, leaving only four alive.
End of Aeldari turn one

Marines continued their onslaught. All wraith contracts fell under hail of bolt rounds and merciless blows of hammers. One Wave serpent was badly damaged.  But in his blood lust their commander run in front of our army.
Ultramarine turn two

Pilot of Wave serpent size opportunity to open fire on Ultramarines commander, but without any result. Few more terminators fall and by skilfully piloting of Voidraiven, he was able to pinpoint Chief Librarian Tigurius and eliminate him from this battle.
Aeldari turn two
Enemy commander continued his push, and charged Wave serpent, dealing few wounds. Rest of Ultramarines army tried to keep pace with its commander and Shadowseer fell as a victim of Land speeder heavy flamer.
Realizing that enemy commander must be stopped, most of our army concentrated fire on Calgar, he was wounded, but survived. Night spinner and badly damaged Wave serpent thin down terminator unit to only one man.
End of Aeldari turn three

Wounded Calgar was not able to withdraw, so he continued his attack. His army had run to help him. Both of our Serpents was damaged beyond repair.
End of Ultramarines turn four

This time we were determined to punish Mon-keeigh general for his foolishness. My gunner did final blow that swept Calgar from his feet, and scouts draged him towards their lines. That was the last of him we saw. Voidreven add another kill to his log - Land speeder this time.
Ultramarines lost their commander 

Terminators kept their advance even after fall of their commander, but their ranks was thinner and thinner.
 But price was paid for our fierce defense. One of the Marines skimmer find our Shadowseer in ruins, flamed him, and then charged. He fought viscously but was wounded.
Ultramarines unstoppable advance 

Our heavy vehicles continued to kill terminators one by one. 
End of Aeldari turn five

At this moment it seemed that our Seer will get upper hand in the duel with skimmer, but faint-hearted marines have withdrawn, barrage from Whirlwind covered their withdrawal and badly wounded our Seer. I think that he was embarked on the Night spinner afterwards.
Marine turn six
End of Aeldari turn six -one Whirlwind was damaged by Voidraven 

End of the game

Voidraven strike and destroyed one of the Whirlwinds, but at the end, only two of our tanks and Voidraven has been left on the field of battle and we were forced to withdraw. Marines payed heavy price for their betrayal.

Marines 18 points, Aeldari 15 points
Imperial victory!

Things didn't look bright when I lose initiative. I lose my only non-vehicle units in the first round. It was probably mistake to unload wratihguard (and wraithblades) in front of his whole army, and it did not help that they made only two wounds on charge;both of them Marine player saved. Thinning terminator lines was mistake too. I should have concentrate fire on one unit until its destruction, than pass to other, with range terminator as top priority. On the other hand, one of mine Wave Serpents survived two turns on one wound remaining. At the end I was satisfied with final result and I am amazed how tough and durable our vehicles are. their durability and speed kept me in the game. This was my first spearhead list, and I think I will not go back to battalion.
Outside was more then 40 degrees C, but inside battle for Konor was in full swing