Frontline News – Warhammer 40K 8th edition Chaos Space Marines vs Aeldari

Nethamus, Konor system. This world was once immense sea of grain, now it’s only dust and waves upon waves of chaos hordes. In this sector crust of the planet cracked under ponderous orbital bombardment and rivers of lava crisscross the land. Smell of sulfur announces hordes of chaos.
Shadowseer of spearhead detachment of Eldrich riders in Konor system

Points: 2000
Campaign: Fate of Konor
Mission: 3 –  Nethamus: Hold the line - link
Defender: Aeldari Spearhead detachment
Spiritseer (66)
Shuriken pistol; Witch staff;
Shadowseer (134)
Hallucinogen grenade launcher; Miststave; Shuriken pistol;
5x Wraithblades
§ 5x Wraithblade ; Ghostaxe; Forceshield;
5x Wraithguard
§ 5x Wraithguard ; DScythe;
Fast attack
5x Shining
Spears (218)
§ 1x Shining Spear Exarch ; Twin shuriken caatapult; Star lance;
§ 4x Shining Spear ; Twin shuriken catapult; Laser lance;
Heavy support
Fire Prism (195)
Prism cannon; Shuriken cannon; Crystal targeting matrix; Spirit stones; Vectored engines;
Night Spinner (192)
Doomweaver; Shuriken cannon; Crystal targeting matrix; Spirit stones; Vectored engines;
4x Dark
Reapers (144)
§ 1x Dark Reaper Exarch ; Reaper launcher;
§ 3x Dark Reaper ; Reaper launcher;
Wave Serpent (184)
Twin bright lance; Shuriken cannon; Crystal targeting matrix; Spirit stones ; Vectored engines;
Wave Serpent (184)
Twin bright lance; Shuriken cannon; Crystal targeting matrix; Spirit stones; Vectored engines;
Voidraven (194)
Void lance(x2); Voidraven missiles;

Attacker: ChaosSM
Khan the Betrayer
9 Khorne berserkers
10 space marines (plasma, lascannon)
10 space marines (plasma, lascannon)
9 Khorne berserkers
19 Tzaangors
Scarab occult terminators
Kytan daemon engine of Khorne
Chaos Rhino

Our Spiritseer is still weak from the wounds suffered in engagement against Calgar’s marines. We will have to put faith in ourselves and our weapons instead of his guidance.
Our sector is scattered with remains of Imperial corvette. We take cover between remains in expectancy of Chaos horde. First we saw immense hulk of Kytan daemon engine. The hordes of chaos warriors can be barely seen through cloud of dust and ashes that was raised by leading Rhino all covered in blood. This sight would certainly freeze blood of any human.
From all that dust and ashes it seemed that flying monstrosity of Helldrake appeared from nowhere. Our shining spears turn around to face it but suddenly all of their steeds malfunctioned, and they had to land. They were evacuated, but their bikes had to be left all covered in mud and ashes. If our Seer is healthier, he would tell as was that the work of chaos sorcery. But the fast approach of Rhino was sure work of chaos sorcery. Suddenly, chaos terminators appeared in the back of our lines. We hold our fire but chaos opened from all weapons in range. It was obvious that their plan was to breakthrough our right flank because all of their fire was concentrated on that flank. That fire left Fire prism crippled, and heroic dark reaper exarch took the charge of helldrake on him, but fall under the hail of blows.
End of CSM first round with deep striking terminators on my deployment edge
Our response was swift. Wraith constructs step out of their transports, wraithblades charging in helldarake and disposing it quickly, and wraithguard shooting and then charging terminators with support from voidbomber. Even our wounded Spiritseer join the fight and withstand all blows from chaos soldiers. Only two terminators remained but they quickly skip from fight and were behind our lines in no time. We have no time to chase them down because large chaos horde approached. Brave pilots of our serpents put them and their machines in front of our lines, blocking the exit for chaos vehicles.
End of Aeldari first round

Without possibility of brake-throw, chaos rhino unloaded its devious cargo; Karn the betrayer followed by Khorne berserkers come screamingly from inside. Evan monstrous Kytan, accelerated by chaos sorcery was at our lines. Waves upon waves of chaos washed our defensive line, and Wave serpent and wraithblades were no more.
End of CSM second round
Our right flank collapsed, after brave dark ripers throw them selfs on Karn, only to find their doom. I evacuated my Night spinner to the left flank and wratihguards with spiritseer embarked on theirs transport to join the fight more quickly. We succeeded in stopping chaos Rhino but with great price to that endeavor.
Right wing of Aeldari force collapsed 

Breakthrough path for chaos was wide open, and berserkers and Kan rushed through our lines followed by rest of chaos force.
End of CSM round three
 Everything seemed lost at that moment, but after void bomber had dropped  its mine on rubic marines obliterating them, we find new strength to fight. Hail of fire thinned ranks of tzaangors and we stud firm in front of chaos horde.
End of Aeldari turn three - regrouping 
All that bloodshed was to tempting for Khorn champion, who left his escort of berserkers, and run toward wraithguard. The monstrous machine of Kytan followed his lead unleashing hail of fire that had destroy our last Serpent. Wraithguard, emerging from the burning wreck, fought viciously, but only two were left after charge from tzaangors, Ahriman and Kytan.
End of CSM turn four and swing to Aeldari right flank
I put my vehicle between Kytan and our seer, and my gunner, with precise shoots, almost finished tzaangor horde leaving just their leader.

Chaos continued their advance, and Berserkers and Ahriman skipped our lines. One more wraithguard  has fallen.
CSM turn five
Situation was not good, but we sized our chance and  finished tzaangor and send Karn to his blood god.
End of Aeldari turn five and end of game

We fought viciously, but some of chaos units had broke through our lines and hurried to attack factory-crawler. We stopped rest of chaos forces at great price.

Chaos Space Marines 10, Aeldari 9
CSM victory

I played this game against one of the best payers of our off-grid gamers community and it did not start well; I fell all my saves in my opponents first round. That was offset by passing six or seven saves of 5+ for my wraithguard in his last turn. I think that his margin of victory would be greater if he had not stick strictly to mission, and tried to brake through. Only mistake that I can point out on my side, is leaving enough of a gap between Serpent and scenery element, so his Kytan had succeed his charge against wraithblades (my first turn). One more great game in battle for Konor campaign.