Workbench weekly - February/1

January is, in general, slowest month for my hobby. Festivity season, younglings at home, somebody always catching a, my production was meager. A few miniatures for Company of Iron game.
For my Retribution list I only had to build and paint Gorgon jack (or whatever they are called for Retribution). For my Retribution jacks I have gone for some dark gray stealthy scheme, with power nodes and runes in orange.
My sons Cygnar force needed one character miniatures and Grenadier jack. Capt. Murdok and Grenadiers were painted in usual Cygnar blue scheme.
Then on the last week of January we had Christmas after Christmas because few kikstarters arrived at the same time (Mythic battles Pantheon, Dreadball2, Lord of Hellas), so for next two weeks we were preoccupied with boardgames.
Lords of Hellas
Mythic battles Pantheon
After "new shiny"syndrome wore out, I did some painting for Dropzone UCM force. There are still a few details to left finish.
Part of the UCM force I painted
Then I got back to my Warzone resurrection minis. I finished few thing I started to paint last year (Mekka, Armoured Chasseurs) and fully painted Mishima Shadow Walkers.

Mishima Mekka

Cybertronic Armoured Chasseurs

Mishima shadow Walkers
I have a few more things to paint for my sons and my next game on Warzone.

On digital front, I kept on working on the models for my future crowdfunding campaign of Martian mining town. I'm almost finished, with all models completed (shuttle was the last of them),and with some detail work still in front of me.

I printed few terrains for next game of Warzone. About that you could read in my previous post Step by step Venusian jungle terrain. I made some progress after that article, and here are few teaser pictures for that.
Some props printed for Venusian jungle terrain
Work in progress on Venusian jungle terrain

Derelict monorail for Venusian jungle terrain
Whole story about this terrain element you will be able to read in second installment of Step by step..