Frontline news - Dropzone commander Shaltari vs UCM

Planet Aruu, UCM. This brief conflict will probably go in history books as insignificant, not worthy to be called the war, but for us it was real. We were called to support local HQ in one of the rare cities on the surface of this planet. As soon as we approached center of the city, air started to be full of static, and Shaltari units were appearing from nowhere.
- private Jack London, 8th airdrop division, Aruu

Points:1300 (Clash)
Mission: Bunker assault

Gate Group 266 pts
Spirit Gates: 2x Spirit 86 pts
Gaia: Gaia 80 pts
Eden Gates: 2x Eden 100 pts
Court of Elders 312 pts
Coyote: Coyote 105 pts
Samurai: 6x Samurai 126 pts
Yari Squad: 3x Yari(+Light Ion Cannon) 81 pts
Swordpoint 244 pts
Tomahawk Squad: 3x Tomahawk 114 pts
Firedrake: Firedrake 130 pts
Warrior Clan 275 pts
Braves: 2x Braves 70 pts
Braves: 2x Braves 70 pts
Kukri Squad: 3x Kukri 135 pts
Warfist 186 pts
Caiman Squad: Caiman 110 pts
Thunderbird Squad: 2x Thunderbird 76 pts


Field Command 445 pts
Kodiak: Kodiak 108 pts
Hazard Suit Team: 2x Hazard Suit, Condor, 2x Bear 139 pts
Longbow Squad: 2x Longbow, 2x Raven B(+Missile Pods) 90 pts
Praetorian Snipers: 3x Praetorian Snipers 108 pts
Armored Formation 308 pts
Sabre Squad: 3x Sabre, Condor 142 pts
Rapier Squad: 3x Rapier, Condor 166 pts
Legionnaire Corps 240 pts
Legionnaires: 2x Legionnaires, Raven A 80 pts
Legionnaires: 2x Legionnaires, Raven A 80 pts
Falcon Squad: 2x Falcon 80 pts
Special Ordnance 299 pts
Gladius Squad: 2x Gladius, Albatross(+Missile Pods) 199 pts
Scimitar Squad: 2x Scimitar 100 pts

Shlatari deployment 
UCM deployment

First turn saw both armies closing on bunkers (focal points), with only longbow artillery landing.

Shaltari after the first turn

UCM positions after the first turn

Falcons in ambush waiting for Shaltari units to materialize

Longbow artillery in position
UCM was faster, so they land their Legionaries on central and their right flank bunker. Forces in center bunker was reinforced by battery of Rapiers.  One Kukri was destroyed, and some damage was done to Caiman by the UCM artillery.

Positions after the second turn

Shaltari effort to soften central position did not succeed, and they had lost one tunderbird in that effort. But bombardment by Caiman and Firedrake destroyed the bunker, killing Legionary infantry, one Hazard suite infantry that fond refuge inside it after downing of their transport and one Rapier. Caiman was destroyed by UMC heavy tanks.

Positions after the third turn
After demolition of central bunker, fight commenced on the wings. Shaltari pushed with their infantry and light units towards focal point near UCM deployment, and with their heavy units towards focal point on UCM right wing. Albatross lifted heavy tanks from right wing, so Gaia took opportunity to drop Samurai near rightmost objective.

Positions after the turn four
Legionaries in bunker on UCM right wing took heavy biting but are still occupying the bunker. In return, only one Samurai battle suit still stood in front of it. Artillery barrage destroyed the bunker in Shaltari deployment zone. Near the bunker in the UCM deployment zone fighting was bitter. Shaltari lost all of their tomahawks, another Kukri and half the unit of braves.
Positions after the turn five
In last turn battle around two key bunkers kept on with lines of both opponents getting thinner.

Final positions

Shaltari commander spent five turns in desert oasis, sniping Sabres one by one

Final tally of the points gave victory to - Shaltari

This was our first game of Dropzone commander. I never played the game that represent mobility and fluency of the battle field as good as this. You are able to move your units from flank to flank and to apply pressure when it is most needed. We thoroughly enjoined this game. We did not read scenario properly so we played with destroyable bunkers, and did not have any CQBs. If we did, game would be totally different with desperate CQB fight for every bunker.
I think that this game is on its best when played by scenarios. In that way you can fully exploit maneuvering capabilities of your army that are an essential part of this game.


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