step by step - Venusian jungle terrain for Warzone resurrection -part 1

My son and I will soon play another game of Warzone resurrection, so I took the scenario table and rolled the dice. The scenario rolled was mission 3: Free for all. To win the game, a player must have all their surviving models within 12” of their marker (chosen before the game) and no enemy models
within 8” at the end of any game turn from game turn 3 onwards (10 MP). With 3 objective markers available at the middle line of the table, in my mind I get a picture of extraction point for one, and information drop point for other two.
For theater of operations for our games of Warzone resurrection, we chose Venus. So for this scenario I envisioned a jungle table with three clearings at the mile line of the table: one landing zone with all sorts of provisions around, one with jungle outpost at the edge of the clearing (if it is in the middle it would be too powerful) and third with some ruins.
On web I saw various treatment of jungle theme for table top. Not a single one looked enough convincing for me. Most are variation on the theme of "islands"of greenery, with palm trees and other tall trees mixed with scrubs. Looking at the pictures of real jungle, I think it would be vary hard to represent it in the way that will allow normal playing and movement of the miniatures. So I opted for edge of the jungle environment, like in the pictures.

I will be using my green mat that would suit this theme perfectly (one from the previous Warzone battle report), and have jungle outpost made from Mantic battlesystem, and previously printed ruins as well as various provisions for land zone. I needed some additional terrain so I opted for mono rail I designed for my future crowd fonded campaign. I did not want for monorail just to pass across table, so I designed one part of broken down tracks, and printed one train wagon that will stand on the top of the tracks. All of this will be overgrown with greenery. On thinkgiverse I found some rocky outcrops that I will dress in greenery too.

Printed elements of scenery
I used Rustolium Concrete effect on monorail, and based the rest with airbrush. I used airbrush to add some preshading to the elements.
preshaded rocky outcrops

I added some more datails to the wagon, that would be finalized after final assembly.

Monorail painted with concrete effect and weathered with airbrush
The next step is adding greenery to thease elements.
For greenery I assembled various items ranging from aquarium and other plastic plants to 4Ground trees.
I will use multitude of basing materials too (static grass, turfs...).
I purchased before some plastic bonsai tree from chinese shop (dollar/pound/euro shop), and I plan to add few more. I like these trees because they are large and dense, so they block LoS good, and they are a fairly good representation of some alien flora.

I will add some basic materials to the bases of these trees
 This is my progression on this project until now. You will read about its continuation in the next installment of:
Step by step: Warzone resurrection terrain...