New Year - review mirror and road ahead

2017, in hobby aspect, was very successful. Establishing this blog made me commit more seriously to my hobby, finding time were I usually would not, and made me finish things.
In previous year I started using airbrush for painting miniatures, so I continued that practice in this year. In a year, from april 2016 to april 2017, seventeen armies were painted by airbrush. They were not fully painted, but was good enough to put on the table and look painted. at one point I had complete Mechanicum army in my possession fully painted (then I ordered some more minis) :)
Airbrushed Mechanicum for 30K with some brush work

Airbrushed Drop fleet commander minis
First part of the year saw me playing some games, that I wanted to play for a long time,  for the first time. I could say that if previous one was the year of Airbrush, this one was year of playing games for the first time.
In first part of the year it was 30K, Arcane legion and Planetfall.
First game of 30K

Oldie but goody - Arcane legion

Then I initiated this blog. It made me do even more things. Some armies were fully painted - Warzone resurrection Cybertronics and Mishima, WWX Outlaws, Deadzone Rebels and enforces, two warbands for Frostgrave...
End of July saw madness of 8th edition 40K come. For next month I only played 40K. Going on vacation made me stop playing 40K , so I got back to other games.
Some more games got played for the first time: Warzone ressurection, Wild West Exodus, Deadzone 2nd edition.
Warzone resurrection in action
In October my 3D printer arrived, and I immersed my self in wonderful world of 3D printing. It made me remember time when personal computers started to be household item. I'm not speaking about PCs, but of Sinclair's, Commodores and Amiga's. I was young again :). I must admit that seeing, for the first time, model that I made my self become reality was so self fulfilling! Side effect of this is that terrain making shifts in the fifth, maybe even sixth gear.
Model of Martian pickup that I design get printed on 3D printer
Martian pickup assembled 
November was month to take an annual pilgrimage to Essen. So I went to Spiel for the second time. I spent great time with my son, simply hanging out and playing games.
Father and son in Düsseldorf...
... playing games in hotel room
Beginning of December saw snow coming even on our tabletop, We had a game of Warmachine in snow suraunding.
Cygnarian force in blizzard 

I expect more new things in 2018. I have an idea about making a youtube channel. It could become a long order because significant amount of doubloons would have to be allocated for obtaining a suitable studio and equipment. Maybe my next endeavor would help because I plan to lunch a crowdfonding campaign for 3D printable terrain in February.
Some new games would be played, for an example, Company of Iron, Drop zone/fleet commander, as well as new editions of Spartan games/WarCradle studio games. Some kickstarters would arrive, so the games should be played too: Alkemy, Relic Knights, Blood and Plunder, Carnevale, Song of ice and fire...
from the games I played this year Warzone resurrection and WWX left best expression on me, so I will keep playing them.
More terrain will be printed, some existing MDF terrain will be assembled, and I would keep on painting.
If I succeed in obtaining studio everything would be easier, if not I would do my best to do as much as possible.
Regarding painting, for the first time, I will count number of miniatures I painted in a year.
I will keep on posting on the blog, so you can expect new battle reports as well as usual workbench weekly news. If my adventuring through world of 3D printing brings some more exciting revelations you should, of course get informed.