Workbench weekly – July/2

New buildings in action

With the beginning of his summer holiday, my son felt the urge to make some MDF terrain. He started with Desert fort from Iron scorpion starter (Dystopian Legions, Spartan games), then he turned his attention to Grand library and Dino gas petrol station by TTcombat. All three buildings are assembled and in line for painting. 
We needed few more buildings for our planed Warzone resurrection game, so big cardboard box of Mantic game terrain pieces come from the cellar. I had a good idea what I wanted, old military factory and bunker. With my guides and little help, my son finished those two buildings too. He had a little help, or better sad, little helper, too.
All hands on deck 

Then I took over and after two hours of airbrushing they were almost done. I need to add some more greenery to both, but I like how they look even now.

One wall from bunker is detachable so miniatures could be moved around

I'm so happy with our work that I can not stand still 😊

I tried to get all of Mishima end Cybertronic miniatures painted for our game, but fall short. Anyhow, Ronins are finished as well as Crimson devils led by Screaming devil.

Her Blecher and Her Needleman (Merc Recon miniatures)

Family photo