Workbench weekly – first week of July

This post is long overdue. During my last move, I misplaced my camera-computer connection cable. Its oldie-but-goody Minolta Dimage camera, so new cable cannot be obtained in off-grid surroundings 😊. I have few newer cameras but color of the pictures made by Minolta is simple the best. After few weeks cable arrived from London and we are now ready for latest news from assembly line and paint shop.
Some Eldar (Aeldari) warriors muscle their way in assembly line, probably because of the all that hype with 8th edition.
Wraithguard with D-Scythe are only one of Wraithguard variety I missed till now

Whole lot of Warzone Mishima and Cybertronic miniatures are assembled and ready to paint.

After the last game of Firestorm Planetfall, I concluded that we need a little bit more terrain. So, part of 4Ground power plant set and one of new Plastcraft buildings are assembled. Models are pre-painted, 4Ground is made of MDF, and Plastcraft is from Forex or some similar material. Both kits are very well engineered, and good in hiding unpainted thickness of material. Some parts of 4Ground kits in this scale, because the painted MDF is very thin, are prone to warping , so special attention is required during assembling, so all parts could align correctly.

I finished one part of 10mm terrain, which I made for my desert mat.

I will probably paint palm tree trunks a little bit more

When I make custom terrain pieces, I tried to find some pictures of the real thing first. So I find few pictures of desert oasis and took few elements for my terrain piece (dark green grass near oasis, tall yellow grass near water, pieces of dead palm leafs under the palm trees…).

Image from

Image from deposit photos

Image from
I have two more to finish and one in 28mm scale.
I did not make any progress on Spartan, and whole assembly line grind to halt because my youngest daughter became ill from pox (three weeks at home under my watchful eye 😊).

If assembly line cede to work, at the same time  painting shop was full steam ahead.
My Ynnary never saw battle in 7th edition of 40K, but, they are now ready for battle in 8th fully painted (we all know that painted figures fight better 😂).

Most of my models I first airbrush with three colors (darkest from underneath, mid-tone from around 30 degrees, and lightest from around 80 degree). Then I pick the details with brush. That is, in my opinion, fast way to achieve table top standard, especially on units. I thought that, after airbrushing, I will “plow” through my Mishima Warzone miniatures with ease, but that was not meant to be. I started with Mishima Ashigaru unit, but miniatures are so detailed, that it took me three sessions of 1-2 hours to finish them. Kudos for Prodos cause these mines are mostly one part resin models. 

The inspiration for color scheme is one of this Ashigarus ( it was just inspiration 😊):

I started work on the rest of Mishima troopers but more of that next time.