Workbench weekly April/1

Last month or two this blog went silent because my youngest child had some health problems, development problem to be precise. In that time I did some hobby, miniatures got painted, games got played, but I was not in the mood to write about it.
Now, lets go back to theme of this blog.
I painted few miniatures. Dragon bikes for Warzone Resurrection Mishima. I love this miniatures and I enjoy painting them. I will probably buy few more, because I just love them :)

Next are few character minis for Star Saga. This are board game pieces, but details are OK. I almost followed art from the box.

then I painted some hot wheels vehicles for Gaslands. I went for Idris team, with two performance cars and one vanilla one. I found some Hot wheels in local kids store (it's seems they are less popular then they were when my son was small because I could not find any in few big supermarkets I looked).
Modified cars
Same cars painted
My son made modifications on his two cars. I 3D printed few things he designed for his cars.

Cars in starting position
I assembled a lot of miniatures: a whole lot of Alkemy miniatures from previous kickstarter, lots of Infinity miniatures, some WWX, some Warmachine Retribution and all miniatures from Burn Out kickstarter for Eden game. Most of them are took away to local club, so I could airbrush them, before I did any photos, but there are few photos of Eden miniatures. I was slightly disappointed with them, because they are made from some gummy PVC, that is terrible for removing mold lines. On the other hand, details are nice.
Eden miniatures in the middle, some terrain for Gaslands on the right

Eldar Avatar of Kain I assembled in the background

3D printer was not to occupied too. I printed some terrain that was needed for Gaslands game, and than painted it.

With intensive therapies for my youngest and final exams for my sons primary school, I don't think I will have a lot of hobby time in next two months, but I hope to do some hobby anyhow.