Kickstrter Galore – Alkemy, 7th continent…..

Hi, I’m Dalibor and I’m a superbacker. Yes, Kickstarter is an addiction. If I could just found the meeting of AKA I could be so strong. No, I’m weak….I’m weak….

Alkemy is one of those French games, nice miniatures and slightly ahead of time. It started strong, with plastic miniatures in grate packaging. With four distinctive factions, rich background and package boxes that can hold your painted miniatures nicely, it seemed as sure winner. It was available in most on-line stores around the world. And then, it collapsed. Was it to expansive to lunch and did not made enough profit, I don’t know. After collapse, it was picked up by small French studio, and become uber-boutique game, only available on their web store (maybe available in some shops in France, who knows).

The thing that lured me to Alkemy, beside miniatures, was the background story. It is so nice, that you can read it to your children as bedtime story 😊. You can check it on Alkemy background

Last year they made their first kickstrter, adding two more factions Utopia and Naashti (snake people). This year they are back with kickstrter for two player starter set with idea to get Alkemy back to stores.
Two player starter box 
Two player box set is contemporary thing with all whistles and bells: miniatures, rules, battlemat, cardboard terrain, dice, tokens, cards…. For old players there is a pledge level with all new miniatures for all factions. There is even one miniature made by original sculptor of Alkemy range Allan Carrasco. Next year marks ten years of Alkemy game. The Alchemist miniatures team prepared lots of new thing for Alkemy – new ways to play game…

Out of Kickstrter, game is solidly supported, with downloadable rules and profiles, on-line army builder, campaigns and tournament packs and even webzine (in French only).
You can check it on Alkemy kickstarter


7th continent

7th continent is boardgame conceived on kickstarter, too expensive to produce, so rarely seen in store. This time it is on kickstarter for reprint of first edition and expansion. By the words of its author, this game will probably never be in distribution.

7th continent belongs to new type of boardgames that emerged in last two years or so. It probably started with Legend of Andor and then brunched in two ways: campaign games and legacy games. Both branches, in lesser or grater way have in common that you can play game, in multiple sessions, but just one time. Campaign games try to put some replayability in them with more or less success. For many people this is turn off, but, be realistic, with all those new games coming all  the time, how often you play same game? I love Agricola, but I rarely play it more than once or twice a year.

In this boardgame you play as explorers that found the 7th continent off the coast of Antarctica and upon returning home they realised that they have been cursed. Now they must return to                     7th continent and figure out how to lift the curse. The core gameplay consists of exploration and survival elements. The exploration element of the Game is that you have a whole continent to explore and there are some interesting mechanics. For an example you can find a page of a journal that says there is a certain type of bush on the continent that produces edible berries and from that point you can harvest those berries if you see that bush anywhere on the map cards that form the continent. The survival element is that there is a crafting system, your explorers can get injured and there is an action deck from which you draw cards whenever you attempt something. The trick is that this deck also represents your life force and if it ever runs out of cards your explorers die. To get cards back from discard deck to action deck you will have to hunt or harvest, make fire and cook food. In the core game there are two curses which represent two campaigns. Campaigns are long and are played in one game, but there is a save system so you can stop playing whenever you want and do it in multiple sessions. There is some replayability in single curse because there are random events, many characters and many different ways the story may go, but there are also many different curses (2 in core game, 2 in new expansion and 3 in old expansions (not 100% sure about old expansions)).
If you want to check out go to 7th continent kickstarter

Various miniatures kickstarters

Currently there are few kickstarters for miniatures without rules or designated system.
First one is “War is Coming: Warmaidens & Dragonbreds”. It’s quiet easy to see who is target public for this kickstarter. Oversize guns and grim future, you can guess. The main point of this  kickstarter is price – you can get sizable army for 100€.

Other is “Empire Of Men”. This one is more unconventional, with strong diselpunk and sci-fi vibe. I can see this minies in Warzone resurrection, IG , even some Eldar or Dark eldar forces and various small sci-fi settings.

Third one is “Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures“. Those miniatures are for Starfinder RPG, but for non RPG people, they can be used for various systems like Rogue stars, Star Mogul and even some post-apocalyptic games.

You can find more on following links: