Workbench weekly – Jun/1

As an agnostic gamer, I’m not famous for sticking to one project and doing it to the last and smallest detail on the miniature and last blade of static grass on the base. So my workbench is full of various miniatures and terrain for various gaming systems in various stages of completion. I hope this blog will help me to complete stuff more often.

On the assembly line I have some Retribution jacks, Spartan tank for 30K, two starters for Warzone resurrection and some robots for American army for AEWW2.
Spartan is first vehicles for my scatter legions Iron warriors’ army. This kit is bought through e-bay and most of the major parts are badly warped (maybe that was the reason it was so cheap). So it will need few warm baths before I can assemble it.
After looking throw interweb I find out that most assembly guidance  are in 4 steps, and 4th is always: Drop this pill of sh... in trash bin. So it's not just my Spartan :)

Tray of many things.
Last few years I played Convergence of Cyriss for Warmachine. By the end of this year I will switch to Retribution, so new starter is on the assembly line and few more things are on buying list. On this trey are even some robots for AEWW2. I have no intention in playing AEWW2 in near future, but I slowly built my collection of weird WW2 miniatures from various sources.

  Mishima and Cybertronic starters are on assembly line because I need to build up my existing forces to full 1000 points. Son and I are planning to play our first game of Warzone resurrection in full 750 points format, because we don’t have much opportunity to play because of life obligations so every game have to count.

Paint shop is so full of miniatures not fully finished that I would lose both of my readers if I start to list them all. A year ago I start using airbrush and that made my painting turnout rise exponentially. It must be told that most of ten or more armies I painted in a year are not finished with all details and bases, but they are painted and they look much better on the table top :).

Some stuff I plan to finish soon are: Few miniatures for Deadzone, Eldar spiritseer and …., two Mechanicum Thallax and possibly some drop fleet Shaltary.