Noooo, not that kind of the off-grid

Here in Belgrade, Serbia we have electricity 😄, but we are off main gamer’s grid of US, UK, France, Germany… We have a small gamer’s community, and this blog will be my diary of adventure in hobby of miniature and board gaming and interaction with local gaming community.

What can you expect to read on this blog? You can expect some battle reports, some terrain making, modeling and painting, some talking about kickstarters and all things new and shiny, as well as some general hobby ramblings.  

I’m an agnostic gamer so I play mainstream games like 40K, 30K, Warmachine, Infinity, Malifaux, some off-stream games like Warzone resurrection, Deadzone, Dreadball, Frostgrave, Dystopian wars and legions, Firestorm armada and Planetfall, Dropzone and Dropfleet commander, and even some boutique games like Eden and Alchemy. Most of the off-stream games I play with my thirteen year old son, so I have two or more armies for almost all systems. I am enjoying good board games, mostly euros,   so there will be some stuff board game related too.

I hope that you’ll find this blog interesting and informative, and I expect some feedback from my readers.